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Focused on providing innovative custom solutions to meet your unique challenges and opportunities, Startec is an integrated engineering equipment fabricator specializing in the modularized design and packaging of process, refrigeration and rotating equipment solutions.

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Dedicated to solving your refrigeration and HVAC challenges, Startec is one of the most trusted and respected names serving cold storage, distribution, manufacturing, food processing, recreational ice facilities and all manner of commercial facilities throughout Alberta and Western Canada.

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About Startec

Driven to Find a Better Way

With a maverick spirit and unwavering dedication to quality, Startec designs, builds and maintains mission-critical compression, processing, HVAC and refrigeration systems that drive production and profitability for oil & gas and refrigeration enterprises.

Founded in 1976, Startec's unwavering commitment to solving client problems has driven our growth to become a leader in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of compression, processing, HVAC and refrigeration systems across North America and around the world.

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SemCams 200 MMSCFD Process Island

SemCams 200 MMSCFD Process Island Compression & Process

After providing equipment for the first two phases, our client trusted Startec to design an optimized expansion of their third phase.

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Lethbridge Enmax Centre Refrigeration Plant

Lethbridge Enmax Centre Refrigeration Plant Service

Home of the Lethbridge Hurricanes and epicentre of all things entertainment, the Enmax Centre called on our team to help them remove ammonia from the arena building, reduce the overall ammonia charge, increase capacity of the refrigeration plant by 20 percent, and provide redundancy for major equipment to reduce downtime. Known for our innovative ways, the Everyday Mavericks mapped out a plan to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

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Wing's Fine Foods

Wing's Fine Foods Service

Well known for their delicious Chinese food with a unique twist, Wing’s Fine Foods currently runs two state-of-the-art plants; one in Toronto and the other in Edmonton. With over 275 employees and a capacity to produce over 10 million units per day, Wing’s got in touch with Startec Service to partner in developing a new, environmentally friendly cold storage expansion.

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